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[Konan is far from a social butterfly, but on occasion she's been making an effort to reach out to others in Luceti. Since the weather is nice and there are plenty of flowers in bloom, she decides to ask if there's anyone out there who shares her lesser known hobby.]

Out of curiosity, how many people here in Luceti have an interest in flower pressing? Specifically, who already presses flowers as a hobby, and who would be interested in learning how it's done?

[She's not going to immediately offer to demonstrate at Art Club, though she will teach how it's done if Rapunzel or Ikki asks her to.]
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[Though she was an outgoing and friendly child, Konan became far more reserved over the years. Those years have also ingrained a sense of paranoia into her. She wouldn't use the journals at all, but she has a message for her fellow draftees and delivering it is more important than her comfort.

It doesn't really matter if the Malnosso hear her message since it's related to their draft and it's otherwise filtered to select people. The one person she'd actually worry about being here isn't - talented as he is, there is no way he could be here for very long without any of the shinobi here discovering his presence.

Some of you going on the upcoming draft already know me. For those who don't, my name is Konan. I can control paper and I've come up with a few simple non-verbal signals. Orange paper will be used to signal danger. Red will be to signal that someone is injured and needs medical attention. Blue will signal that an area is safe and one can rest and eat for a short time. White will be for delivering messages.

If anyone has any other suggestions, mention them here.
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[Konan hasn't been seen around in the last month, courtesy of the Malnosso. She has returned, but she looks considerably younger than anyone is used to seeing her. Konan appears to be somewhere between eight and nine years old, and she's looking rather distressed as she looks into the book's video feed.]

I can't break this genjutsu, Jiraiya-sensei. Please cancel it. Or Yahiko and Nagato - if you're out of it, please help. It's been almost two hours and I can't break out of it.

[Almost two hours and she's hungry. She's doubting the information she's gotten largely because she knows genjutsu can be deceptive and she's been trying to be as rational as she can be about her situation.]

We can try again after lunch, but let's stop training for now, okay?

(ooc: Konan's memories have been tampered with, but they're not completely gone. Faces of her established CR will be familiar to her and with some help, she will be able to remember a few things - like art club or if she's played chess with your character, etc.)
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How am I doing with Konan? Praise, criticism, and general comments are welcome.

All comments are screened. Sorry, anonymous posting is not enabled.
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(Feel free to use this post to have your character ICly contact Konan about things. This can be done through journals, or through her origami. If she's given your character origami before and they've either guessed or been told that she can use it as an extension of her senses, they can use it.

If you wish to use this post for appointments, by all means. Please put day, time and location in the subject line of your post for a meeting, and please specify journal or origami contact if you're using IC contact. Thanks!)


Sep. 6th, 2010 12:08 pm
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May Konan spy on your character? Yes, No, Maybe for plot reasons? Let me know.

Reverse Permissions

Hugging this character: Yes. Please watch out for one another's wings.
Kissing this character: Yes. She'll be uncomfortable with it, but go ahead.
Touching this character (non-sexual, ie. shoulder pat): Yes.
Touching this character (minor sexual - clothed grope): Yes, though she may try to hurt you.
Flirting with this character: Yes

Fighting this character: Yes. She has 24 years of combat training/experience, so it's not the best idea, but yes.
Hitting this character (minor damage): Yes, if it's close range. Hand to hand is Konan's weak point.
Severely injuring this character: Talk to me first.
Killing this character: No. I may change my mind at a later date, but for now, no.

Reading this character's mind: Talk to me first. I'll probably say yes, but I'd like to know when it's happening so I can provide some thoughts for you to work with.
Using mind control on this character: Talk to me first.
Fourth walling this character: No.
Spying on this character: Talk to me first. Espionage is one of Konan's strong points and it would be difficult to pull this off.
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Greetings, your name is Konan. It seems you've lost your memory. Here's some facts about yourself:

1. You can do amazing things with paper.
2. You are engaged.
3. Beware of masked men. One of them might try to kill you.
4. You are perfectly happy in the rain.

Hopefully this is all just temporary. Be careful who you trust out there. People may claim to know everything, but you know what they say: Trust half of what you read and none of what you hear. Good luck!
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