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3rd paper flower [Text]

[Konan is far from a social butterfly, but on occasion she's been making an effort to reach out to others in Luceti. Since the weather is nice and there are plenty of flowers in bloom, she decides to ask if there's anyone out there who shares her lesser known hobby.]

Out of curiosity, how many people here in Luceti have an interest in flower pressing? Specifically, who already presses flowers as a hobby, and who would be interested in learning how it's done?

[She's not going to immediately offer to demonstrate at Art Club, though she will teach how it's done if Rapunzel or Ikki asks her to.]
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Flower... pressing?
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Do you use the color for something?

[konan help]
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[A thoughtful pause.]

Do they smell as good being pressed as they do when they're still alive?
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So what do you do with the pressed flowers?

[THIS IS INTEREstING AND NEW so she's curious]
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konan you're adorable hahaha

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What do you stick them with?

[MAYBE she WANTS TO DO THIS their house isn't as decorative as it had been in Konoha but she is definitely trying]
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I think I'd rather use glue.

[Pins was almost brutal, even to a flower.]
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So I glue a pressed flower to a piece of paper and frame it. Sounds easy.

[And her walls will not be so bare anymore. Not sure if she'll do the pressing right. It'll probably just look like a mashed flower squished in a frame.]

I won't even have to water it either I guess, so that's a nice plus. What do you do with your pressed flowers?

[Small talk helps with Kushina. Trivial things like chatting about hobbies and not worrying about the past when it's so bleak is things she does with friends. It's a long ways before they hit that point but it's something.]
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You must be pretty good at it now then, right?

Do you have any right now?
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[She said she'd try. For Naruto. For herself, too.]

Can I see them sometime? And I'll show you the ones I'll make. I want to decorate my house with them.
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[Hopefully she doesn't hear, but Kushina releases a relieved sigh. Skipping rocks only went so far.

There's a bit of sound as she begins searching for the things she needed to press flowers.

Would a rolling pin work? Well, she sets it aside to use anyway.]

After I finish mine. I want to give you something.
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It's more fun when you have to guess, isn't it?

[Though it should be obvious. Kushina wants to give her some of her pressed flowers when she finishes them.]
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[So she's been told, countless times by Minato.]

I'll keep you guessing until I visit then.
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[she tells herself it's a GOOD SURPRISE and not a bad one despite what she knows about Konan

she's learning other stuff too -- and Konan isn't a bad person, first of all]

You don't have to.

[she doesn't get presents from people sdlkjgs]

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